This Mother’s Day, Protect All Mothers

It’s nearly Mother’s Day — a day to honor and celebrate mothers everywhere.

As a mom and an animal advocate, I can’t help but think of all the mother cows imprisoned in factory farms, forced to endure so much pain and suffering behind the closed doors of the dairy industry.

Their newborn calves ripped from their sides within days.

Their milk, meant to nourish their young, stolen from them.

These mothers must repeat this cruel cycle, ultimately slaughtered for meat long before their natural life spans should end. With your help, we can break this cycle of abuse.

The dairy industry systematically shatters the mother-infant bond. Now, as COVID-19 forces us to cope with social isolation, many of us have the smallest glimpse of forced separation from our loved ones.

The ugly truth

The dairy industry doesn’t want you to know the ugly truth about where milk comes from. Dairy producers forcibly impregnate cows. They take the babies away just a few days after being born. They steal the mother’s milk. Year after year. Heartbreakingly, these babies enter the same vicious cycle. Ultimately, they all face the same fate: slaughter.

This is where milk comes from — a profit-driven industry that treats these smart and social animals like mere milk-producing machines.

Our undercover investigations provide a rare glimpse behind the closed doors of animal agribusiness and shine a light on the violence and cruelty that, sadly, pervades the industry. Simple moments like a mother cow and her baby touching for the last time, or a mother cow walking into the milking parlor dragging afterbirth behind her, stand out as particularly poignant against the stark backdrop of endless abuse and suffering.

Graph showing progress toward fundraising goal
Graph showing progress toward fundraising goal

This Mother’s Day, please join me in standing up for all mothers by taking action for some of the most vulnerable among us. Your generous support helps put an end to this and other cruel, inhumane practices. What’s more, every dollar you donate today will be matched dollar-for-dollar, doubling your impact.

When you give at, you can also send an adorable, customized e-card to your own mom. When many of us cannot be together, it’s important to let those we love know we’re thinking of them, while at the same time helping those who are suffering.

Be well,

Cheryl Leahy

Executive Vice President, Animal Outlook

Animal Outlook (formerly Compassion Over Killing) is a national animal protection nonprofit based in Washington, DC.