A Mother’s Day Message from a Mom Fighting for Animals

Dear friends,

It’s nearly Mother’s Day — a day dedicated to honor and celebrate moms everywhere!

As a mother myself and an animal advocate, this day brings to mind all the mother cows on factory farms across the country who are forced to endure so much suffering behind the closed doors of the dairy industry. .

In order to exist, the dairy industry relies on the systematic shattering of the mother-infant bond.

This is the core truth that the industry doesn’t want you to know. In order to produce milk for humans, gentle cows must be forcibly impregnated and give birth to a baby — only to have that baby taken from her at birth and raised to continue the cycle as a dairy cow herself or be slaughtered for meat. This painful process repeats itself over and over until her exhausted body can no longer make enough milk to be considered profitable. These mother cows will then be loaded onto a slaughter-bound truck and turned into low-grade ground beef, often for fast food hamburgers.

This is where milk comes from — a profit-driven industry that treats these smart and social animals like mere milk-producing machines.

Compassion Over Killing provides a rare glimpse behind the closed doors of animal agribusiness through hidden camera investigations. Most recently, recent undercover investigation of a Pennsylvania dairy farm that supplied to a Nestlé ice cream plant delivered the kind of violent and cruel footage we’ve unfortunately become accustomed to seeing in these kinds of investigations over the years. As I watch this footage, it’s the simpler moments that stick with me as particularly poignant, like a scene where a mother and baby calf touch for the last time before the calf is taken away, or the mother cow who walks into the milking parlor still dragging afterbirth behind her.

This Mother’s Day, join me in standing up for all mothers by taking action for some of the most vulnerable of us. In less than 30 seconds you can join 15,000 others in urging Nestlé to end cruel and unnecessary dehorning of young cows and turn towards compassionate dairy-free options.

You can also dedicate a donation to YOUR mom by sending her an eCard to let her know how much you care!

Thank you for believing in our mission to create a kinder world for all animals. All of us at COK wish you and your families a very happy Mother’s Day!


Cheryl Leahy,
General Counsel
Compassion Over Killing

Animal Outlook (formerly Compassion Over Killing) is a national animal protection nonprofit based in Washington, DC. AnimalOutlook.org

Animal Outlook (formerly Compassion Over Killing) is a national animal protection nonprofit based in Washington, DC. AnimalOutlook.org